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Zhou Youguang (Chinese: 周有光; pinyin: Zhōu Yǒuguāng; 13 January 1906 – 14 January 2017) was a Chinese economist, banker, linguist, sinologist, publisher, and supercentenarian, known as the "father of Pinyin", a system for the writing of Mandarin Chinese in ...

Who was Zhou Youguang? Google celebrates linguist who developed Chinese phonetic translation - Mirror Online

Without Zhou Youguang, the world would still refer to ‘Beijing’ as ‘Peking,’ and to ‘Chongqing’ as ‘Chungking.’ The celebrated linguist - dubbed 'the Father of Pinyin' - spent three years developing the system of ‘spelled sounds’ that is now the international standard for

Zhou Youguang’s 112th Birthday - Google

The O’s in today’s Doodle flip from Pinyin (Gǔgē) to Chinese characters (谷歌). Were it not for celebrated linguist Zhou Youguang, this phonetic translation would never have come to life, and the world would still be referring to ‘Beijing’ as ‘Peking,’ and to ‘Chongqing’ as

Who was Zhou Youguang? Google honors Chinese linguist

Have you peeped Google today? It’s all about Zhou Youguang, a famous Chinese linguist. ... “The new system transformed China’s literacy rate, providing more natural passage into the written language, which requires mastering thousands of characters,” Google ...

Zhou Youguang, el lingüista que facilitó el aprendizaje del chino mandarín - LA NACION

Google celebra el aniversario de nacimiento 112 del lingüista chino Zhou Youguang, a quien se lo conoce por ser el creador del Pinyin, un sistema que simplificó el aprendizaje del chino mandarín. El nuevo formato de estudio transformó la tasa de alfabetización de China y proporcionó un paso

Zhou Youguang: Meet the man who developed phonetic Chinese translations | The Independent

The man responsible for developing the phonetic translations of Chinese characters is being celebrated this week by Google, with a doodle. Zhou Youguang would be 112 years old Saturday. During his life, Youguang not only developed phonetic translations of ...

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Historia del pinyin El pinyin fue creado por el intelectual chino Zhou Youguang, llamado «el padre del Pinyin», como parte de un programa iniciado en la década de 1950 por el gobierno de China para convertir el mandarín en la lengua nacional de China, simplificar ...

如何看待Google首页 纪念 周有光 先生? - 知乎

看报道就知道了,醉翁之意不在酒罢了 Update: 拼音无疑是一项伟大的发明,周对拼音的贡献也是不容置疑的。但是汉字罗马化是一个进行了很长时间的运动,而答主并不认为周与其他人不同而做出了特别突出的贡献,更不应该称之为“拼音之父”。

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"The Ruins of Yancheng" (淹城遺址), comprise the remains of a walled city located in the Wujin district of Changzhou that was founded over 3000 years ago at the beginning of the Western Zhou dynasty. The earliest record of a settlement on the site of modern ...

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Yesterday (January 13, 2018), Google marked the 112th birthday of Zhou Youguang, the father of Hanyu Pinyin, with one of its doodles. (Click the image to see the animated version.) Google’s description didn’t note Zhou’s remarkable longevity. He lived to see his ...

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