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Alabama Sorority Sister Expelled After Posting Racist Videos | PEOPLE.com

A college student has been expelled from her school and sorority after videos of her spewing hate speech on the day honoring Martin Luther King Jr. went viral. Harley Barber, a now-former student at the University of Alabama, was removed from the university and kicked out of Alpha Phi sorority

Harley Barber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

Harley Barber, a University of Alabama student from New Jersey, is no longer a member of the Alpha Phi sorority after posting videos of herself using the n-word several times.

Harley Barber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | INFO News Media

Harley Barber posted a second Instagram video, which you can watch above, after she was called out for saying the n-word in the original video. Instead of apologizing, Barber, who was in a car with other women, doubled down and repeatedly used the slur again. “I ...

Harley Barber, Alabama sorority sister from N.J., expelled for racist videos | NJ.com

A college student from New Jersey facing national scorn and condemnation after videos of her spouting racist language on Martin Luther King Jr. day went viral has been expelled from the University of Alabama. Harley Barber, a 19-year-old freshman from Marlton, apologized Wednesday for her racist

Harley Barber Expelled From School For Racist Social Media Rant

A former University of Alabama student thought her new southern address meant she was free to use the n-word without consequence. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, New Jersey native Harley Barber went on a racist tirade on social media. Barber posted the video to her “finsta,” a term used to refer

Harley Barber expelled from sorority Alpha Phi and University of Alabama for racist videos - The Washington Post

A college student who posted a video of her racist ranting to social media on Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been expelled from the University of Alabama, school officials said Wednesday. Harley Barber, a 19-year-old freshman from Marlton, N.J., recently posted two videos to her “fake” Instagram

Alabama Sorority Sister Harley Barber Expelled For Racist Instagram Videos

19-year-old racist sensation Harley Barber is no longer a student at the University of Alabama after going viral for distasteful videos she posted onto her Finsta. Harley, who was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, told the NY Post she feels “horrible” and is receiving threats on the phone: In

Harley Barber Photos: Full Story of University of Alabama Racist

Looking for the story of Harley Barber? Find out about the University of Alabama student and member of the Alpha Phi sorority who was recorded saying racist slurs on Instagram ...

No, Harley Barber, you and your giggly friends can't say that word 'in the South' | AL.com

Harley Barber thought she could come to the South, join a sorority, and say "nigger" all she wants and disparage the nation's most popular civil right leader. Now, she knows ...

Harley Barber mom: I agree with Alabama expulsion over racist Instagram videos | NJ.com

The mother of Harley Barber, the New Jersey teen who was expelled from University of Alabama after posting racist videos on Instagram, said she didn't raise her to be a racist.

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