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The Fake News Awards were created by U.S. President Donald Trump to highlight the news outlets he said were responsible for misrepresenting him or producing false reports both before, and during, his presidency. On January 17, 2018, a post to the blog of the GOP ...

Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ were a huge flop - The Washington Post

President Trump's “Fake News Awards” button did not work. Trump tried via Twitter on Wednesday night to name the “losers,” but technical difficulties at GOP.com caused the president's link to misfire. Would-be visitors to the website saw this:

Trump Hands Out ‘Fake News Awards,’ Sans the Red Carpet - The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump — who gleefully questioned President Barack Obama’s birthplace for years without evidence, long insisted on the guilt of the Central Park Five despite exonerating proof and claimed that millions of illegal ballots cost him the popular vote in 2016 — wanted to

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In a similar approach the president, early this morning, tweeted out: "Wow, @FoxandFriends has just confirmed that Mother Nature is indeed playing partisan politics. She is an Obama/Clinton Puppet who has blocked my agenda (only knows how to obstruct). We ...

Trump gives out 'Fake News Awards' to CNN, N.Y. Times, Wash Post - POLITICO

Rather than specific awards, per se, the site listed 10 news stories — from a range of mainstream outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post — that Trump viewed as false. The entries focused on stories where the media outlets had ...

Fake News Awards [Video]

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we finally got to see the long-awaited Fake News Awards President Trump promised. Or at least Fallon’s version of the awards. Fallon put on his best Trump face and best Trump hair and went after some of Trump’s favorite targets. The Fake News Awards

Trump Unveils ‘Fake News Awards’ as Senators Decry Press Attacks - Bloomberg

President Donald Trump announced the recipients of his so-called Fake News Awards, on Wednesday, his latest attack on the press that has drawn objections from within his own ...

Trump's 'Fake News Awards' Have a Sinister Subtext - Bloomberg

President Donald Trump is firing up a stunt on Wednesday to try to shame news organizations he doesn't like: It's a cheap ploy, but it comes with a serious, sinister subtext. Trump has been making a case for changing U.S. libel laws to make it easier to punish publishers of news he considers "fake

President Trump reveals winners of his ‘Fake News’ awards | Fox News

President Trump revealed the winners of his self-proclaimed ‘Fake News’ awards Wednesday night on Twitter -- with The New York Times topping the list. CNN also came out as a “winner,” with the left-leaning news network making the list four times. The list, published on GOP.com, noted that

Fake News Awards: Trump postpones his made-up awards show - Vox

In a tweet posted late Sunday afternoon, President Donald Trump said he plans to postpone his fake awards show for fake news to Wednesday, January 17, from Monday, January 8 — just in case you thought things couldn’t get any sillier. Guess the president doesn’t want to be overshadowed by the

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